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The town of Ommen is situated at the river Vecht in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Its Town Rights were awarded in 1248, and together with Zwolle, Kampen, Deventer and some other cities, Ommen belonged to the so-called Hanze towns. Its oldest building is the Reformed Church in the town centre. This church dates from 1150, and was damaged by fire a number of times. In the belfry there are two bells which toll every night, at 9 p.m. It is an old tradition, the "Maria Kleppen", that originates in the time that the town gates were about to be closed. People outside the town gate should hurry to get within the town walls in time.



Three original windmills have survived in the centre of Ommen. In the old sawing mill “Den Oort”, you will find the local history museum. The second mill “De Lelie” is still in active use as a flour mill. Your can buy its various products in the shop next to it. The third mill is the “Konijnenbeltmolen” at the Zwolse weg. This octagonal smock mill is also a flour mill, although not in active use anymore. This mill originally served as an oil hulling mill in the Zaanstreek in the western province of Noord-Holland.



The town of Ommen is mostly known by tourists. It was the Baron of Pallandt who made Ommen famous by putting land available for scouting. Even now, jamborees are organized on a regular basis. Ommen is coveted by tourists for its beautiful nature. There are still numerous areas with juniper shrubs, like on the Archemerberg south of Ommen, and near Hoogengraven, east of the town. Because of the great number of public footpaths and cycle tracks, Ommen is a perfect base camp for walkers and cyclists. And there are various manor houses and castles to be admired in the immediate surroundings. 


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