Activities near Ommen

Walking and cycling

The town of Ommen is well-known for its beautiful nature, with numerous forests, moors, sand drifts and juniper shrubs. A great number of walking and cycling tracks prove that Ommen is extremely suitable for beautiful walks and cycling trips. You can start the set walking tours in the area directly from our B&B house. Bicycle lovers will find that a famous "knooppuntenroute" runs immediately in front of our house. A walk on the Lemelerberg is a real must. In clear weather, you can see the towns of Zwolle and Raalte from this beautiful hill, and if the moors bloom, nature is a feast for the eyes.
Besides the Lemelerberg, Ommen has a number of other hills like the Archemerberg, the Besthemerberg, and, a little bit further away, the Holterberg. This is why Ommen is a mountain bikers' and cyclists' favourite.



Close to the Lemelerberg you can find the airfield of the Aero Club Salland. You can take sky-gliding lessons there, or enjoy a round trip in the air. You can find more information on



The fine sport of canoeing can be enjoyed on both the rivers Vecht and Regge. There are plenty of boat rental firms.



Except canoeing it is also possible to fish. Thanks to building fish passes and inproving the quality of the river water a lot of fish spacies returned.


National Tin Puppets Museum

While in Ommen it is absolutely worthwhile to visit the National Tin Puppets Museum. It is located in the old city hall at the river Vecht, and has a unique collection of pewter figurines. Among other things you can find a great exhibit showing the battle of Waterloo. There are also various sorts of tin toys.



At a short distance from our B&B house you can find the 18-hole golf course "Hooge Graven".  If you have a golf certificate, or a green fee ticket, you can enjoy a day of golfing. It only costs you a day's membership. You can find more information on



In Summer you can enjoy Ommen's outdoor swimming pool. For the other seasons, Ommen's indoor swimming pool is at your disposal.



From Ommen it is absolutely worthwhile to visit the Emmen Zoo. This zoological garden has gained worldwide appreciation for the way its animals are accommodated. The choice was made to house the animals in their natural habitats as much as possible. There is also a beautiful butterfly garden.


Pond garden

Between the villages of Hardenberg and Gramsbergen you can find Ada Hofman's pond garden. Ada Hofman is considered to be the best pond specialist of the Netherlands. In the 2000 m2 garden you will find 50 ponds, all kept clear in a natural manner. Furthermore, there are 30 gardens to be admired for their great diversity of plants and trees. All year long the garden is absolutely worth visiting.


Amusement parks

Amusement park lovers can find two close by. The parks "Avonturenpark Hellendoorn" and "Pony Park Slagharen" are both 20 car minutes'  away from Ommen.


More informations

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